Ke-Li Biotech, FDA registered, has obtained the international certificate of GMP, ISO22000, HACCP, Organic manufacturing process and HALAL manufacturing process etc. As a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer, our team has the production capacity of capsule filling, tablet making, coating, PTP and sachets etc.


We can fully do OEM/ODM as regarding to your request, including tablet making, capsule filling or powder sachets. We provide all kinds of packing concept and brainstorming with you to find out what is appropriate and satisfy you. We help you to look for the packing materials suck as suppliers of bottles, bags, cartons or even printing cooperators. As above, we make great business with you.

How we do:

  • 01 Product discussion and quotation

  • 02 Making contract

  • 03 Provide sample and feedback

  • 04 Adjust and double-check

  • 05 Manufacturing

  • 06 Quality check

  • 07 Finish goods delivery


  • Capsule

    The pros of capsule include materials well mixing, light preventing and multiple choices of capsule color and so on. It covers the smell and what it looks like by capsule shell. It is most common and acceptable.

  • Tablet

    There are many changes in appearance, different sizes, shapes and colors of tablet. It can be all kinds of appearance regarding to the requirements of the market.

  • Sachet

    It is going more and more popular and common as its flexible and convenient. There are side sealing or fin sealing, and not only powder but also tablets or capsules could be sealed in the sachet.